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Maximise your marketing potential with our expert guidance tailored for those in the fitness industry to attract more clients or members. Discover how to effectively effectively market & your brand yourself to win more business. 


Innovation often stems from firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the an industry's intricacies. Kial Fick, a former self-employed personal trainer, embodies this ethos as Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA), promising a transformative journey for personal trainers and gym franchises alike.

Driven by his own challenges in marketing himself as a personal trainer, Mr Fick recognised a gap in the market and seized the opportunity to revolutionise the way fitness professionals promote their services. "I've walked the path of struggling to attract clients despite my expertise," says Fick. "That's why I'm committed to empowering personal trainers and gyms with effective marketing strategies tailored to their needs."

Central to Fick's approach is a comprehensive marketing calendar designed to optimize client engagement and visibility.Recognising the importance of timing in the digital landscape, Fick provides clients with a strategic roadmap, advising them on the most opportune moments to promote their services and share content across various social media platforms.

Moreover, Fick's agency doesn't stop at guidance; it offers tangible solutions to streamline the marketing process. One such solution is the provision of ready-made content curated specifically for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. From fitness tips to motivational snippets, this content serves as a valuable resource for personal trainers looking to enhance their online presence effortlessly.

However, the cornerstone of Fick's venture lies in his personal involvement. Through an exclusive portal, clients gain access to a wealth of expertise directly from Fick himself.


From marketing insights to practical advice on becoming a better personal trainer, the portal serves as a hub for continuous learning and professional development.

Beyond individual benefits, Fick's vision extends to elevating the health and fitness industry as a whole. With no comparable service currently available in New Zealand and Australia, his agency promises to be a game-changer. "We're not just focused on boosting personal trainers' clientele; we're committed to fostering growth within the entire industry," asserts Fick.

By empowering personal trainers to attract more clients, Fick's agency indirectly contributes to the success of gym franchises. Increased foot traffic and exposure translate to enhanced visibility and revenue for these establishments, creating a symbiotic relationship between trainers and gyms.

In essence, Kial Fick's foray into SMMA signifies more than just a business venture—it's a catalyst for positive change within the health and fitness landscape. With a blend of firsthand experience, innovative strategies, and a commitment to industry-wide growth, Fick's agency promises to reshape the way personal trainers and gyms approach marketing in the digital age.

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Hey Cam, thank you so much for your time on the phone and all the help you have given me over the past few months. 

Really couldn't have done this without you, and will be recommending you and bespoke to every agent I speak with. 

Dave - Sales Agent

Hi Nic, 

I love your Study Hall. I've already got 2 market appraisals from using your emails. 

Keep up the great work. 

Matt  - Sales Agent

Wow that’s fantastic thanks Nic, 

​Looking forward to your session next week 

Nic Fren has done an amazing job building our our Agency HQ portal

Mark - CEO Agency HQ

I feel incredibly fortunate to connect and collaborate with some amazing people in our industry. A bit of a long overdue zoom catch up with this legend.

Nic Fren has the most amazing platform for agents (I got a guided tour today) honestly if you want to position and elevate yourself reach out to Nic at Bespoke Media Group he has an incredible service!

Julie Davis - Real Estate Coach & Trainer 

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