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Join our award winning portal & start generating enquiry 

Interested in boosting your business?

Explore the advantages of becoming a bespoke member with us.

Recognised as the premier social media platform in all industries for three consecutive years by the Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia & New Zealand, our media & marketing portal has garnered acclaim from over 1,200 members, business owners, marketing managers, personal trainers and agents across eight countries.

Our unique approach provides you with all the tools, support, and content necessary to ensure your strategies resonate and engage your audience. Say goodbye to exorbitant monthly fees for marketing agencies—our affordable membership teaches you how to transform social media posts into business.

Become the leading fitness expert in your area. 

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Expert Coaching

Learn from media & marketing gurus who have been there & done that.

As a Bespoke Media Group member you will learn how to use your media & marketing to generate business & grow your brand without the need to engage high end marketing agencies.

We will show you everything we've learnt from the past 12 years on building brands, generating leads & gaining clients, not just on social media, but also how to build your brand in your community through events, SMS, email & print marketing. 


We are privileged to count among us top-notch coaches, CEOs, and performers in the industry, eager to contribute their time and participate in monthly webinars or exclusive podcasts.


We offer extensive hours of educational and training content designed to inspire individuals across various business sectors.

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Our tested methods provide you with the assistance and resources to establish lead generation campaigns swiftly.


Whether your goal is to attract more traffic, or leads, our strategies are effective.


We'll guide you on obtaining leads at a cost as low as $2 per lead, delivering tangible results.

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Brand Awareness & Growth

With our carefully crafted and strategic marketing approaches, we aim to equip you with the necessary tools to become the most prominent trainer in your locality.


Additionally, we'll guide you on expanding your social media followers, emphasising the importance of attracting not just new followers but the right ones for optimal impact.

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Social Media Content

Say goodbye to the dilemma of deciding what to share on social media!

Explore our extensive collection of pre-designed and customisable templates, featuring hundreds of ready-to-use images.


Effortlessly personalise them to suit your style and start sharing.

Our content is refreshed monthly, ensuring you always have fresh options at your fingertips.

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SMS, Emails & Flyers - we've got you covered

Need ideas for your next email blast to your database? We've got a vast collection ready and waiting for you.

No matter your business focus, we offer a plethora of content options for you.


In today's fast-paced marketing landscape, SMS stands out as the most effective instant marketing tool, with approximately 93% of people opening an SMS within the first three minutes of receiving it.

Explore our selection of pre-designed SMS marketing templates and easily find the perfect one for your needs.


Just pick, customize, and send it out.

If you're unsure about what to include in your mailbox distribution this month, we've got you covered.

Choose from our extensive range of letter templates, and you can either print them in-house or opt for professional printing and delivery straight to your door.

Distance Learning

Tutorial Support

You'll never navigate your media and marketing journey alone.


Our comprehensive video tutorials cover everything you might need.

We've got everything covered.


How to create a lead generation campaign, gain more followers to how to use TikTok to win more more business. 


If there's something missing, just inform us, and we'll ensure it gets included.

We are very focused on our members and invite them to let us know the content/support they need & we will make it happen. 

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